How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer?

How to Find a Clothing Manufacturer?


There are different options on how to find the right clothing manufacturer for your own clothing line. Here's how to find clothing manufacturers and the benefits of working with them.

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Every day, new online clothing stores are opening in every corner of the globe. Standing out from the competition is crucial if you want your clothing brand to stand out. Finding a clothing manufacturer is all about finding products that fit your brand and making sure they can deliver what your business requires.

There are different options on how to find the right clothing manufacturer for your own clothing line. Domestic garment manufacturers and overseas garment manufacturers are two of the most common options, but how do you know which one is best for your purposes? Some may choose to work with a local manufacturer, while others may choose an international partner.

Where to Look?

One way to find clothing manufacturers is to search online directories. A search engine is a great way to start your search, a Google search usually has a full list of manufacturers. Another option is to search for trade shows in your area. Trade shows are a great way to see a variety of different apparel manufacturers in one place, and they often have representatives from overseas apparel manufacturers who can answer any questions you may have about working with them. Local fashion schools and Facebook groups may also point you to potential factories to work with.

Manufacturer Type

When looking for a clothing manufacturer, it's important to understand the type of business you're looking for in the clothing industry. There are several different types of clothing manufacturers:

– Contract Manufacturer: A contract manufacturer is a company that produces clothing for you, usually to your specifications. This can be a good option if you are looking to produce a small number of garments, or if you want a specific design that is hard to find.

– Private Label Manufacturer: A private label manufacturer is a company that produces clothing for you and puts your label on it. This can be a good option if you want to get your product to market faster and you care less about having a unique style.

How to Find a Clothing Manufacturing Company?

So how do you find the right clothing manufacturer for your clothing brand? It all starts with your research. There are many clothing manufacturers out there, but not all of them are suitable for your brand.

First, you need to decide what type of garments you want to produce for your clothing line. Potential apparel manufacturers for your brand should focus on your category, be it kids or womenswear. Once you have identified your product line, you can start researching apparel manufacturers. Be sure to look for a manufacturer experienced in making the type of clothing you want to produce to find the best manufacturing partner
Another important thing to consider is production capacity. Can the manufacturer produce the number of garments you need? If not, they may not be right for your business.

A Responsive Factory is the Right Partner

When you contact a manufacturing company, it's also important to know how responsive they are. Is it convenient to get in touch with the company? How good is their customer service? A manufacturer that responds quickly and provides great customer service is more likely to be a good fit for your brand. You don't want to have problems in the production process and not be able to reach your manufacturer. Domestic manufacturers are best suited for start-up brands that require a high level of communication. Established brands are more likely to have operational procedures on how to place wholesale apparel orders to streamline the process.

Spread Sheet for a Clothing Manufacturer

You can also ask how many orders they typically process in a given month, and how long the production process takes for an average order. This will help you get a better idea of how quickly you can get your clothes in stock.

Finally, how do you know what the total cost will be? Manufacturers should be able to provide their customers with all the costs associated with manufacturing garments, including shipping and duties on international orders. Most clothing manufacturers will provide a price list explaining the cost of manufacturing the clothing in each country.

When looking at offers from different clothing manufacturers, make sure you are comparing like-for-like. If possible, ask your manufacturer how long their quotes are good for so you have enough time to consider a deal before committing

Benefits of Working with a Garment Manufacturer

There are many benefits to working with a clothing manufacturer.

Get Manufacturing Services

First, you will have access to high-quality manufacturing services. You'll want to form a long-term partnership with an apparel manufacturer who has the experience and equipment needed to produce high-quality products. As a fashion designer, you want to be able to jump on trends quickly by establishing business relationships with vetted manufacturers.

Quick Order Styles

Second, you'll be able to stock your garments quickly. Most clothing manufacturers have a relatively quick production process, so you won't have to wait long for your garments. Fashion designers can bring their styles to market faster without having to find a manufacturer.

Save Time and Money

Third, you'll save money. Clothing manufacturers will often offer a cheaper unit price than producing your own clothing. They also have access to material suppliers who do not normally do business with individuals.

One Body

Fourth, you will get design and branding services. Many clothing manufacturers offer in-house design and branding services, so you don't have to worry about hiring a designer or graphics specialist. One of the benefits of using an in-house design team is that they design specifically for the type of style your brand is trying to produce.

Questions to Ask Potential Apparel Manufacturers

What Type of Clothing Are You Good At?

Most clothing manufacturers specialize in a certain type of clothing, such as knitted or woven fabrics. For example, some garment factories only make T-shirts. You will need to work with a manufacturer that specializes in the type of clothing you want to produce, as they have the expertise and industrial machinery to produce your styles.

What Craft Do You Use to Make Clothes?

The production process will depend on how the garments are made in the country where your manufacturer is located. You need to choose a custom garment manufacturer that uses the production method that best suits your garment manufacturing plans.

Are You Taking on New Clients?

Clothing manufacturing companies book production in advance and may not attract new customers. When you're looking for a clothing manufacturer, it never hurts to ask so you don't find out during the ordering process that they won't start production until a few months away.

What is Your Minimum Order Quantity?

Most apparel manufacturers have minimum requirements for the number of items that customers can order. Before you commit to working with a manufacturer, you need to make sure your brand is big enough to meet any minimum requirements from the manufacturer. If you're just starting out, you'll want to look for low-volume clothing manufacturers who specialize in the type of clothing you want to produce.

What is Your Turnaround Time?

You need to choose a clothing manufacturer that can manufacture and deliver your items quickly. Depending on how quickly you want the product, how much you have in stock, how long it takes to make the garment, and how you have in stock, these all affect how long it takes for your goods to be delivered.

What is Your Production Capacity?

Manufacturers who can produce large volumes of clothing will be able to work with designers and brands who want to order in bulk. If you're looking for a manufacturer to help you with one-off orders, it probably doesn't make sense to work with a manufacturer that only handles high-volume orders.

What is the Shipping Time to My Country?

If you choose to work with an overseas garment manufacturer, delivery times in your country will vary depending on how quickly you need the garment. Most manufacturers have a quick turnaround time, but be sure to ask how long your order will take to arrive.

You'll also want to ask the manufacturer about any shipping restrictions the manufacturer may have. Overseas manufacturers may have the best unit prices, but you always have to factor in shipping costs and shipping times. If your launch date is approaching quickly, overseas suppliers may not be the best choice.

Find a Manufacturer

If you've been thinking about how to start your clothing business and wanted some tips on how to find a good clothing manufacturer, we hope this article was helpful to you. Be sure to take your time when looking for a factory to ensure they can produce a quality product quickly and at an affordable price. 

If all of this sounds overwhelming, or if you need help figuring out how to find the best clothing manufacturers, don't be afraid to reach out! Our team is ready and waiting with years of experience helping designers like you find the best clothing manufacturers who specialize in making clothes just like yours so that their brand can stand out. If you are looking for a clothing manufacturer to help you build your own brand, welcome to contact us.

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