Top 9 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2023

Top 9 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2023


It's 2023, and you know what that means: a new year - and new t-shirt design trends! Here are the top 9 design trends we've seen so far this year.

It's 2023, and you know what that means: a new year - and new t-shirt design trends! Here are the top 9 design trends we've seen so far this year.

1. A Strong Statement

This design trend is all about taking a stand and saying what you mean, and that’s definitely the energy we need in 2023. These punchy shirts are bold and guaranteed to spark important conversations.

There are many reasons to choose from when deciding what statement to focus on in your design. What are you most passionate about? Simplify your statement as much as possible so that it is as clear and direct as possible.

2. Wavy Wording

How interesting is this design trend? ! It has a playful, feel-good vibe, and we're here for it! Adding a wave effect to your text can also give your designs a retro 1960s aesthetic, and we're here for that too!

This look works best with bold, bold text designs that may have some small illustrated icons for decoration. What wavy wording design will you create this year?

3. Mental Health Mantras

A design trend that promotes compassion and mental health? ! Yes, we really hope this design trend continues.

These designs are often text-driven and focus on a specific mental health slogan. Feel free to include illustrations in your designs if it helps get your message across.

4. Hobby Highlights

This trend is about celebrating simple, everyday things. These sellers put their favorite hobby front and center in the design. From thrift to knitting to the great outdoors, these designs help spread joy and bring people together through shared interests.

Do you have a hobby you like? Start thinking about how to incorporate this activity into your designs. This trend definitely deserves a creative interpretation, so be sure to have fun! Will your design be illustrations, graphics, or text only? Or will your designs include a combination of styles? It's all up to you!

5. Imaginative Illustrations

This trend is taking t-shirt graphics to a whole new level! These sellers are using illustration design to really let their creativity run wild. By featuring fun themes, vibrant colors, and bold silhouettes, these designs are both eye-catching and beautiful.

Creating your shirt design around an eye-catching image is a great way to ensure it stands out from the crowd. When people see the t-shirt, the imagery will attract them first, then they will notice any text, logo, or brand name you include with it. Are you ready to create imaginative and illustrative designs that are captivating and engaging? We can't wait to see your creations.

6. Bold Back Print

Let's recapture the back of our merchandise this year with a bold back print! This trend takes advantage of the often-unused ample space on the back of clothing. Since you don't have to worry about your design overwhelming the front of the garment, feel free to print your design on the back as large as you want.

Think big - big text and big images, think big - bold colors and bold statements. These designs challenge the way we usually look at clothes. By having a small design on the front and a major design on the back, you invite more people to experience and enjoy your garment - the people in front of you and the people behind you. Can you think of a design that would look great on the back of a t-shirt or sweatshirt?

7. Book-Based Design

This trend is for all book lovers! Let everyone know how much you love to read with a book-based rocker design. Whether you're wearing a sweatshirt supporting your local library, or a t-shirt representing your new favorite bookstore, these shirt designs are here to complement a good book anytime, anywhere.

We can't get over how comfortable these designs are - both in terms of look and feel. What is your favorite book? Where is your reading? Or do you want to see more types of books? Include any of these in your own book-based designs!

8. Dog Figure

Here are the cutest t-shirt design trends we've seen this year so far. Please keep the dog drawing designs coming up because we don't think we'll ever get tired of seeing them! Whether raising money for an animal shelter, promoting pet celebrities, or showing the lives of pet parents, these dog doodle designs are stealing right and left.

The drawings we've seen for this trend range from simple line drawings to very detailed dog portraits, and we love them all! Would you like to include a dog (or any kind of animal friend) in your designs? Now is your chance!

9. Conservation-focused Design

As people pay more attention to the needs of our planet, we've seen a steady increase in conservation-centric shirting designs. These designs are not limited to one particular type of conservation but cover all types – from environmental, wildlife, marine, etc.

The designs include beautiful images that celebrate and draw attention to their conservation efforts. For example, they might feature illustrations of landscapes or animals that also serve as calls to action.

As you can see, 2023 is off to an incredible start. These innovative design trends keep us inspired and ready for the year ahead. We hope you're motivated to take these t-shirt design trends and add your own creative spin to make them your own and make this year the best yet! If you want to order T-shirts, please contact us.

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