How to Choose the Right Material for Your Custom Hoodie?

How to Choose the Right Material for Your Custom Hoodie?


Hoodies are comfortable, elegant, and versatile garments for both men and women. If you want a custom hoodie, below we discuss the different fabrics that are widely used to make custom hoodies to help you make a better choice.

From the days when only athletes wore hoodies, we are witnessing an era where everyone's wardrobe is filled with a collection of hoodies worn on all occasions. Hoodies are comfortable, elegant, and versatile garments for both men and women. You can even buy some hoodies for your kids if needed.

Not to mention branded hoodies, there are tons of custom hoodies being produced every day to promote events, reunions, and even family gatherings. Custom clothing is a trend today and will only grow in the future. Businesses look to unique marketing techniques, and printing custom apparel becomes a brilliant idea. While planning a reunion, custom-made outfits for alumni remind them of a bygone era.

When you design a hoodie and hand it over to a custom hoodie printing company, you have to make sure that everything from the design to the color and fabric you choose is good. Here we discuss the different fabrics that are widely used to make custom hoodies. If you are confused about the fabric to pick up for your order.

Materials suitable for hoodies

1. Cotton

Without a doubt, cotton is the most popular material for any kind of clothing. Cotton is made of natural fibers and is highly absorbent. Cotton hoodies are mainly used for casual and sportswear. This material helps keep the body dry even during intense activity. Plus, if you're working long hours, the cotton hoodie will make sure you're comfortable and won't be exhausted from the job. Cotton is a very lightweight material, so it provides excellent flexibility to the body. Cotton fibers are mixed with various other fibers to form different fabric blends such as polyester.

2. Fleece

Wool hoodies only work in winter. While you look forward to sending your employees custom hoodies to keep them warm in the winter, a fleece hoodie should be a perfect choice. Fleece is a soft and lovely fabric made of cotton and wool. These hoodies are suitable for campers and hikers who are climbing peaks in the snow. One of the advantages of using wool for a hoodie is that it doesn't pick up stains easily, so it's effortless to maintain. You can also mix wool with other types of fabrics to increase the durability of the hoodie.

3. Nylon

Finally, let's talk about nylon, which is mostly used in party hoodies and is only worn occasionally. Nylon is a synthetic fabric that looks shiny and works well on clothes. While nylon is a less common choice for your custom hoodie project, it might be a good option if you plan to keep these hoodies only for a specific night out or party. Nylon hoodies are suitable for the rainy season as it does not allow water to penetrate the fibers easily. Nylon can also be blended with other fabrics to create a new blend of fabrics.

Taking a look at the standard fabrics used to make custom hoodies gives us an idea of what the ideal properties of a hoodie fabric are. These will help you pick the right fabric for your purpose.

Features of hoodie fabrics

1. Stretch

Hoodies usually come in one size for everyone. Therefore, the fabric you choose for your hoodie should be flexible and should provide stretch. Hoodies are primarily used as casual wear, so some degree of stretch is required. If the material of your hoodie is not stretchable, it will be uncomfortable for your users to wear. When making hoodies for athletic purposes, the picked material should be highly stretchable.

2. Weight

When we consider weighing a hoodie, the weight should strike a balance between flexibility and warmth. People like to wear hoodies just because they are light and comfortable. If you make a hoodie that's too bulky, people won't buy it. Hoodies designed for winter wear can be a bit heavy just to add warmth to the fabric. For sports and casual wear, hoodies need to be lightweight.

For casual office wear or your reunion or family gathering, a custom hoodie should be made of cotton material.

3. Drape

While we try to choose the best fabric for a hoodie, it's important to pay attention to the drape of the material. Draping always adds style to your outfit. Hoodies are comfortable, classic, and stylish, so the fabric you choose for your hoodie should work with your body. Also, make sure the quality of the material doesn't shrink after a single wash. When you give your hoodie to someone else, you must communicate washing and care instructions. Care instructions must be strictly followed.

Cotton is the fabric of choice for making hoodies. The material has a luxurious matte look and ages over time. The more you wash it, the softer it becomes. First of all, hoodies are made of cotton as it is considered the most comfortable fabric and will fit you in all seasons.

We hope the information on the fabric will help you create a stunning custom hoodie. If you have other ideas or want to customize a hoodie, please contact us.

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