How to Wear a Vest for Women?

How to Wear a Vest for Women?


The vest is a fun way to add character and style to any outfit all year round. We've compiled some tips on how to wear a vest that we hope will help you.

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Vests are a fun way to add character and style to any outfit all year round. When you wear one, keep it casual with denim and layers, or dress it up with formal fabrics like faux fur and wool, and dark colors. Then add the accessories of your choice for the finishing touches. Who knew vests could look so cute?

Method 1: Wear a vest casually

1. Put a solid-color vest over a patterned or different-colored shirt to create a sense of fashion

Choose a vest that contrasts with the shirt below and make your tank a statement piece in your outfit. For example, wear a white vest over a dark navy or black long-sleeve T-shirt, or a black tank over a plaid shirt.

If you're wearing a vest over a patterned shirt, choose a vest in one of the colors included in the pattern and tie them together. For example, if your shirt has gray polka dots, choose a gray vest.

2. Update T-shirts and jeans with a cargo vest

Start with a classic combination of jeans and a plain tee, then style it with a khaki or olive green cargo vest. If you want a super stylish outfit, wear ripped or faded jeans with a vest.

You can also choose a cargo vest with fun pockets, such as a sweater hood or rivet details around the pocket.

3. Put the down vest on the sports equipment to create a sports appearance

When it's cold outside, layer a down vest over a long-sleeve track top and athletic leggings for an athleisure trend. Try to keep your pieces as smooth as possible, like a fitted shirt rather than a baggy sweater to balance the bulk of the down vest. This will help you stay in shape while the vest still looks like a deliberately oversized piece.

If you're exercising in a vest, look for vests that are specifically designed to wick away sweat or fit snugly when zipped.

4. Wear a denim vest with a flowy dress or skirt for a bohemian look

For example, pair a prairie dress or paisley-print tulle skirt with a denim vest for a whimsical, artistic look. If your skirt or skirt is extra long, meaning they are at or below your ankles, opt for a waist-length or shorter vest to offset the longer layers underneath.

You can find denim vests in a variety of different colors, such as classic blue jeans, white, black, and even pastel shades.

During warmer months, layer a denim tank over a sleeveless or spaghetti-strap slip dress for a casual, cute look.

A denim vest also looks great with a T-shirt or bra. Let the vest cover most of your skin, revealing only a little in the midsection.

Method 2: Dress up the vest

1. If you want to look slimmer, go in a black vest and an all-black suit. 

Wear black from head to toe to make your figure look longer and slimmer. For example, wear black leggings with a black top and a black quilted vest.

Avoid bulky vests, which will make you look bigger. Opt for a vest that's tailored to fit.

For a more sophisticated all-black ensemble, stay away from black vests in casual fabrics like denim or sweatshirt materials. Instead, opt for more elegant fabrics like wool or soft knits.

2. Pair it with trousers and a camel long vest to create an elegant business look

For a more professional look, layer a chic camel vest from the waist over a pretty shirt and fitted wool pants. Choose trousers that are tight or tapered at the ankle to balance the length of the vest. 

Use textures if you want to add visual interest. For example, wear silk or a sheer shirt under a heavy camel vest for a mix of flowy and tailored fabrics.

3. Slip faux fur over a pretty dress for an elegant look

For a luxurious look, opt for a faux fur vest. For example, a taupe dress with a silk midi dress and heels, or a simple body-hugging dress with a plain white faux fur vest.

Method 3: Decorate the vest

1. If you want it to stand out, choose bold jewelry

Since vests can overwhelm any delicate jewelry, opt for chunkier and larger pieces so they're visible and eye-catching. For example, wear large hoop earrings with a faux fur vest or a dazzling collar with a quilted vest.

Keep 1 piece of statement jewelry for each outfit to avoid conflicting accessories. For example, choose a bib necklace or oversized earrings instead of both.

2. Add scarves, hats, and boots for a cozy fall and winter look

In the colder months, pair the tank with warm accessories like a flannel blanket scarf or a knitted beanie. You can also wear stylish over-the-knee boots or chic ankle boots for a casual chic vibe.

If you're wearing boots, opt for slim-fitting pants, skinny jeans, or leggings tucked in. This also cancels out most of the vest.

Choose a heavier scarf like flannel or wool. Delicate fabrics, such as silk, do not go well with chunky vests.

3. Tie your vest for a slim fit

Tighten your vest to accentuate your waist by tying a belt around the smallest part of your belly (usually above your belly button). For example, slip a thin leather strap over an elegant wool vest, or a boho cord strap over a cargo vest.

Some vests even come with belts or buckles to show off your waist.

If you have a straight or boyish figure, use a belt to create the illusion of curves around your upper body.

4. If you want to add warmth, you can put a thick coat over the vest

When it's cold outside, put a coat over your vest. Choose a material that is heavier or bulkier than your vest so it fits nicely against it. For example, wear a wool coat over a faux fur vest or down jacket and quilted vest.

Choose a coat that is similar in style to your vest to give your outfit a more fitted look. For example, pair a blazer over a casual cargo vest instead of a formal camel coat.

The above describes the matching method of the vest. If you want to buy or customize the vest, please contact us.

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